Eunrichorn-Echo from a Unicorn




Didn’t know how to express the perplex pulsation in my mind with limited vocabularies, when the wind brought me two messages from the north at the same time. One drifted the delightful snow with tacit dreams of going back to that river, while the other rained weighty grief and gloom.


Actually, I dream about that scene at every dawn, rather than just a morning. You may imagine how I was fulfilled with astonishment and gratification when you said that sentence to me, unintentionally or intentionally. Nevertheless, the roaring tides of grief merged into me deeply when the story was told in a veiled way. A jolt finally jumped up when I found that the grief made me forget my delight. I truly know for sure what happen to me cause this kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime.


Please bring little white stones or petals with you and drop them one by one on the path to your cave for healing. Then I will follow them to find you, and together, we will walk out of the cave, and return to our river, where every grief and gloom will be scoured by those glistening light of waves.